Colombia with Family

Colombia is becoming a popular holiday destination, perfect for families! Traveling to Colombia with family is getting easier than ever with all of the family friendly activities along with the classic sites. 

Whether you’re relaxing on the beautiful beaches of Cartagena or exploring the sprawling cities of Bogota and Medellin, you’re guaranteed endless opportunities for fun! From interactive museums to parks to food tours, you’ll be able to find something the whole family will enjoy!

Is Colombia Safe for Families? 

Many people would think that traveling to Colombia with the family would not be very safe. It is quite the opposite, for many years now, Colombia has become more and more safe, making it very welcoming to families. Colombians are family oriented and always enjoy opening their arms to families and friends. It is always a good idea to practice common safety habits and precautions, such as no wandering around alone at night or not entering any known/official vehicles. Applying these same concepts with your family will help keep them safe while having fun. If you’re worried about the logistics of getting around with your family, it is recommended to hire a guide, or join guided tours.

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Colombia Family Vacation

Colombia with Kids

Traveling to Colombia with kids has never been easier. Whether your kids are more into playing on the beach, exploring the jungle, or discovering history and culture in the city, you’re sure to find activities that turn your trip to Colombia into the ultimate family adventure!

In Bogota and Medellin, take your kids to discover educational and exciting museums and parks. In Medellin you can easily spend the day at Parque Explora, in this museum, aquarium, zoo, and learning center, your kids will love all of the interactive exhibits and activities. You can also head to Parque Arvi which is a beautiful park just outside the city. Bogota even has a Children’s Museum and the Museo del Oro, with perfectly curated activities for little ones! In each city you can also find restaurants that can cater to international comfort foods, if your kids are picky eaters. Two of Colombia’s biggest cities boast many activities and fun for the whole family, if you’re traveling to Colombia with kids. Cartagena is also a popular destination to bring the family as the calm beaches and lovely old town satisfy the kid’s wanting to play at the beach, and your desire to explore a beautiful historic city.

Colombia with Teenagers and Adolescents 

If you have older kids, you also have a larger selection of activities that even the most stubborn of teenagers will enjoy. With teens and adolescents there is more of a variety of activities to choose from, from more intense hikes to street art and coffee tours. 

Bogota and Medellin will have much to offer when it comes to tours, cuisine, and night time activities. In Bogota, you can climb Monserrate with your teens, the walk up is like a tiny trek but worth every minute, when you get to the top and see the stunning panoramic view of Bogota. If you and your teens don’t prefer the trek there is also a cable car and a funicular that can bring you to the top of this high hill. Then explore all of the city’s wonderful art that just happens to be street art. You can take tours to really get a feel of the purpose and importance of street art in Bogota. Just outside of Bogota there are many accessible hikes, both light and strenuous to cater to whichever skill level for you and your family. Medellin is also a city bursting with activities and experiences. You can explore Comuna 13, a formerly notorious neighborhood, now is very peaceful. Tour the colorful neighborhood and learn about its dark past and rejuvenation. If your family likes sports, it is highly recommended to try and catch a futbol match. The sport is like a religion to the locals and being a part of the electric crowd is incomparable. Once again, Parque Arvi is great for families of all ages, the park boasts many hikes and activities on the lake and in the forest for all abilities. 

For an adventure involving more nature and ‘into the wild’ feel, there are many places to discover in the rainforest and at the beautiful beaches. Cartagena is the perfect place if you want to relax and enjoy the sand and the surf. On top of the usual rest and relaxation the beach provides, teens and adolescents may enjoy a snorkeling excursion where they can discover the underwater life of Colombia. Then explore the old town which is an old fortress with cobblestone streets that will be fun to explore and live a little bit of the history. You can also make your way to Colombia’s Coffee Triangle, where you can tour a coffee plantation, see how it’s made and even taste a cup of pure Colombian coffee. A perfect place for this is Salento, a small town that is perfect for discovering coffee culture. You can also hike or horseback ride through the Valle de Cocora, which will make an unforgettable memory when you travel to Colombia with your family! 

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