The Best Waterfalls in Colombia

Colombia is a lush country, due to the tropical climate it receives frequent rainfall, which results in this mountainous paradise boasting many beautiful waterfalls. You can find these waterfalls all around Colombia, you can hike, swim, and horseback ride to some of the most beautiful falls in the country! While on your tour of Colombia you cannot miss the iconic Colombia waterfalls. 

La Chorrera 

One of the best Bogota waterfalls, La Chorrera is also the tallest waterfall in Colombia! Located just next to the town, Choachi, you can hike about 3 hours to the falls and marvel at the height and beauty of La Chorrera. These falls drop 590 meters into a pool, which provides a relaxing mist that will provide the best refreshment after your trek. Due to the speed at which the falls drop, it is not safe to swim at the bottom, but the views and spraying mist will do the trick in providing revitalization before your hike back to Choachi. As La Chorrera is best known for its height and stunning falls, it is easily one of the best Colombian waterfalls, and at the top of everyone’s list! 

Tequendama Falls 

Adding to the list of notable Bogota waterfalls, Tequendama Falls has a stunning and unforgettable view. Only 32 km from Bogota, Tequendama Falls is easily accessible and people from all over come to view these ominous falls. You are unable to hike to the bottom of the falls, but there is a viewing platform where you can see the falls cascade into the depths of the rainforest. What makes these falls unique is the abandoned hotel that sits within view of the falls. The dilapidated hotel has provided a chilling element to the view of the falls, especially on days where the mist rising from the falls is powerful enough to appear like a cloud rising from the forest, a spooky photo op! 

Salto de Bordones 

Not too far from the town, San Agustin, Salto de Bordones is one of Colombia’s tallest waterfalls. The 400 meter fall is completely uninterrupted as it makes its way down to where the falls pool. You are unable to hike to the base of the falls, but your hike will provide the best views from a dirt road, where you can see a panoramic view of the mountains, the national park, and the Salto de Bordones waterfall. This stunning view, encompassing much of Colombia’s natural beauty, is one of Colombia’s best waterfalls.

Marinka Waterfalls 

If you’re traveling from Minca, the perfect day trip is to the Marinka Waterfalls. Located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, you can take a 1 hour hike to the falls, where you can swim and frolic until your heart’s content. There is a 3000COP fee to access the falls and park, because you will be entering a national park, where you can also enjoy the surrounding jungle! If you visit during the low season you are sure to have the falls to yourself and enjoy a tropical paradise at this Colombian waterfall. 

La Cueva del Esplendor 

Looking for some adventures around Jardin? La Cueva del Esplendor is a calming waterfall situated in a cave, with a unique way of getting there. While hiking is a popular method of access to the falls, it is possible to go by horseback, until the final stretch that has to be made on foot. Once you get to the cave, a circular opening at the top allows the waterfall to flow into the cave’s pool. Here, you can swim, go caving, and even abseiling! Visiting La Cueva del Esplendor is truly a unique adventure that includes one of Colombia’s best waterfalls!

Salto de Candelas

While not the tallest waterfall in Colombia, it is the most powerful! Salto de Candelas is about 70km from Boyaca, and gathers water from the River Cusiana. The waterfall’s current is so strong, the sounds of the tumbling waters are unforgettable. Most people make a trip to the ancient heritage site, Paramo de Oceta, while visiting Salto de Candelas to add their Colombia waterfall adventure. A bit of history, mixed with beautiful Colombian nature is the perfect way to see the best of Colombia’s waterfalls!

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