The Best Time to Go to Colombia

There are many factors when deciding what time of year to visit Colombia. Do you prefer traveling when the weather is the best? Or, do you prefer traveling during the low season, when the weather may not be perfect, but there are no crowds? Thankfully, Colombia’s climate is very tropical, so you will experience pleasant temperatures no matter when you visit! Colombia does experience some wet and dry seasons, but this just means that certain months experience more rain than others. The rainy seasons should not be completely discouraging when booking your trip to Colombia, all you need to do is pack a raincoat and an umbrella!

When visiting the Amazon, it is important to note the high water season, versus the low water season. The high water season means the water levels of the Amazon river rise greatly, which can affect accessibility, traveling, and spotting wildlife. 

Check out our guide to decide what is the best month to visit Colombia!

Colombia in January

Avg. Temperature: 24.5°C / 76.1°FAvg. Sun: 8 hrs per day (sunshine) / 12 hrs per day (daylight)
Avg. Rain: 70 mmAvg. Humidity: 64.2%

Happy new year! The beginning of the new year is always a time for celebration, and that’s no exception in Colombia. With the beautiful dry weather, there will be parties and celebrations on every block. This is also a perfect time to head to the Caribbean coast and relax on one of the great beaches of Cartagena, Barranquilla, or Santa Marta. If you’re in for more than just relaxing on the beach, head to one of the national parks (Tayrona or Chicaque) to go hiking, bird-watching, and observing Colombia’s beautiful native flora and fauna. Colombia in January is the perfect time to visit Colombia, so you can expect many tourists and crowds enjoying the Colombian scenery with you.  Read more

Colombia in February

Avg. Temperature:24.7°C / 76.4°FAvg. Sun:8 hrs per day (sunshine) / 12.5 hrs per day (daylight)
Avg. Rain:97 mmAvg. Humidity:66%

Colombia in February still has many warm days, as the wet season will begin the following month. People will travel from all over to visit Colombia in February due to the carnival festivals in Barranquilla. It takes place in the four days leading up to Ash Wednesday each year and is Colombia’s most famous festival – and the country’s biggest street party – attracting over 1.5 million visitors every year. In 2003, UNESCO declared the Carnival of Barranquilla a Masterpiece of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity! Visiting Barrquilla isn’t the only thing to do in Colombia in February, visiting the beach and the major cities are all still pleasant experiences with the weather still proving to be extremely pleasant. Read more

Colombia in March

Avg. Temperature:26.6°C / 79.9°FAvg. Sun:~3 hrs direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:91 mmAvg. Humidity:75%

The peak season is over, as Colombia in March begins, the tourists start to clear out. The weather is still pleasant enough, but most of the visitors from the northern hemisphere have migrated back to their homes for the start of spring. As the majority of Colombia’s population is very pious, there is a very popular Holy celebration that happens in March. The ‘Semana Santa’, or Holy Week, is a huge event in all corners of the country. There are grand processions and a lot of iconography and celebration, it can be a surreal, interesting, and fun experience! Read more

Colombia in April

Avg. Temperature:20.1°C / 68.2°FAvg. Sun:~3 hrs direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:135 mmAvg. Humidity:77%

Colombia’s tropical climate means spring temperatures all year round! Even Medellin is known as the ‘eternal spring.’ However, the only thing to watch out for is if you are venturing to the Amazonian region. The high water season in April means that the water levels in the Amazon rise dramatically which can be problematic for visiting the rainforest and seeing the wildlife. Plan on visiting one of the major cities, or even one of the pueblas in the Coffee Triangle! Visiting Colombia in April is the shoulder season which means you can expect some reduced prices in high tourist areas, and if you’re lucky, on flights as well! Read more

Colombia in May

Avg. Temperature:19.0°C / 66.2.2°FAvg. Sun:~2.5 hrs of direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:120 mmAvg. Humidity:77%

Colombia in May means that you won’t experience the last of the last chance spring showers, as nothing is really defined by season here! Only by altitude and topography. The Caribbean coast is always hot and humid, and Bogota will have a bit of a crisp mildness high up in the Andes. May in Colombia is a unique time to visit because although summer begins in May, the entire month tends to experience a low season. Whether you want to step out to the beach every morning or take a rainforest excursion, Colombia in this month can offer the best of leisure and curiosity for everyone! Read more

Colombia in June

Avg. Temperature:19.2°C / 66.6°FAvg. Sun:~3 hrs direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:54 mmAvg. Humidity:75%

June is the advent of the summer travel season, and with this comes the tourist rush. Where better to spend this summer season than Colombia? Vibrant cities, tropical beaches, rainforests, this country is completely packed with activities, and opportunities to just sit back and relax! Although the weather does not change for most of the year, the climate of Colombia depends almost entirely on the altitude and topography of the location that you visit. Airfares and hotel prices tend to trend towards peak season pricing at this time, so if you’re thinking of visiting Colombia in June, we suggest booking early! Read more

Colombia in July

Avg. Temperature:25.0°C / 77.0°FAvg. Sun:~3.5 hrs direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:35 mm per monthAvg. Humidity:74%

The great thing about Colombia in July is that the weather is not unstable and you are able to access all parts of the country without any problems. This is due to the fact that the weather is not dictated by seasons rather than altitude and topography. For example, Bogota tends to be milder than the Caribbean all year round because of its location in the Andes. This being said, the entire country will tend to be in a better equilibrium in warmth, meaning you can definitely bring your shades to all corners of Colombia! Read more

Colombia in August

Avg. Temperature:18.8°C / 65.8°FAvg. Sun:~3.5 hrs direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:45 mm per monthAvg. Humidity:74%

August in Colombia is the perfect time to experience the dog days by the sea, or escape the thermometer in the Andes. Colombia is the best place to experience the best of both worlds. Colombia’s location near the equator accommodates a season-less climate. The temperature and overall climate of this country depends on the altitude and topography of wherever you choose to visit. This means that it will be significantly hotter in Cartagena by the Caribbean coast compared to Bogota up in the Andes Mountain Range. If you’re not keen on heat, you will still be able to experience the best of what Colombia has to offer by going to Medellin or Cali for a lively urban experience, or to the south of the country for some good brew or the Amazon region expedition. August is the perfect time to experience anything in Colombia! Read more

Colombia in September

Avg. Temperature:25°C / 77°FAvg. Sun:7 hrs per day (sunshine) / 11 hrs per day (daylight)
Avg. Rain:117 mm per monthAvg. Humidity:80%

While the driest months are between December and March, if you’re visiting Colombia in September you’ll be pleased to hear that the country is experiencing a mini dry-season! The temperature in Colombia in September is pleasant with sunny days and warm weather sweeping the country so it’s the perfect time to explore the cities or relax on the beaches along the Pacific and Caribbean coasts. There is a lull in the amount of tourists during September, so you usually find a deal or two! Read more

Colombia in October

Avg. Temperature:20°C (high)/ 11°C (low)Avg. Sun:~4 (sunshine hours- more including daylight)
Avg. Rain:159 mmAvg. Humidity:74%

Visiting Colombia in October usually means traveling during the wet season. The rain that occurs during the ‘rainy season’ does not occur often enough to discourage traveling. The average temperatures make for a cooler stroll through cities, which increase your ability to cover more ground. And, if you travel towards the end of October, you will experience less rain, and more of the parties and holidays that occur. Due to this being a kind of lower season than the peak (December-March), flights are usually a little less expensive, and you can find a few deals when booking accommodation. At first thought, many wouldn’t think to venture to Colombia in October, but they just don’t know what they’re missing. Read more

Colombia in November

Avg. Temperature:19.6°C / 67.3°FAvg. Sun:~3.5 hrs direct sunlight perday
Avg. Rain:127 mm per monthAvg. Humidity:77%

November is an interesting month in Colombia for travelers. The tourist crowd that once filled the beaches during the summer and fall months have completely disappeared and will not return until the Christmas season. This creates the perfect environment to cavort up and down the country without any worries or limitations. Due to the country’s location close to the equator, the season-less climate of Colombia provides the perfect atmosphere to vacation any time. The climate of Colombia depends on the topography and altitude of wherever you choose to visit. This means what is warmer in the Caribbean would be significantly cooler in Bogota. This country is your oyster in November. Read more

Colombia in December

Avg. Temperature:19.9°C / 67.8°FAvg. Sun:~4.5 hrs direct sunlight per day
Avg. Rain:81 mm per monthAvg. Humidity:76%

Are you dreaming of a not White Christmas? Are you trying to escape the biting cold and want to sink into the sand and sun? Colombia is the best place to take your relaxing vacation but never feel short of the festivities and the non-stop celebrations that Christmas brings all around the world. Colombia is a devout Roman Catholic country, this means that Colombians go big on Christmas all around the country. December is known as ‘Dia de las Velitas’ or Day of the Little Candles. Candles and lanterns are adorned around people’s houses and in the streets and shops creating a picturesque setting for the beautiful Christmas season. This can also mean peak season crowds and prices, but closures of attractions and restaurants on the holidays, themselves. Read more


When is the rainy season in Colombia?

There are two brief rainy seasons in Colombia, from April to May and from October to November. This means that you are more likely to experience some rainfall during the day while in Colombia, so don’t forget to pack a rain jacket and umbrella! 

What is the Cheapest Month to Fly to Colombia?

Cheaper flights to Colombia are offered more during the rainy season. This means the months of April/May and October/November will have cheaper flight offers, as it is also considered the ‘low’ season. This also means there are less tourists traveling to Colombia at this time.

Do I Need a Visa for Colombia?

The majority of countries do not need a visa to enter Colombia. However, depending on the purpose of your trip, as well as the company you are traveling from, this may change. To know if you will need a visa when entering Colombia, you can visit the official government travel website of Colombia, by clicking here. On this website, you just enter your nationality and purpose of your trip, and you will receive information on visa requirements. 

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