Traveling to Colombia in Winter

What months are winter in Colombia?

Colombia has the great advantage of being isothermal, this means that there is no real change in seasons. This is because of its proximity to the equator, as well as its extremely varied biomes. Although Colombia’s seasons are not very different, the real difference between going to Colombia in the winter as opposed to going in the summer depends on which part of Colombia you would like to visit. 

Colombia’s climate and how you would like to spend your winter vacation depends heavily on the altitude on which your destination will be. Though Colombia is a prime visiting destination all year round, there are some tips and tricks on how to gauge your trip to best enjoy either your beachside getaway or your Andean expedition. 

Hotels in Colombia during the Winter

Colombia’s varied climate during the winter gives leeway for travelers to tailor their vacation based on places that would be considered ‘low season’ in one place, and ‘peak season’ in another. In major cities and the Caribbean coast, the peak season would mainly be from December to March, as this chronicles what Colombia considers the dry season. What a lot of people do not know (lucky for you adventurers!) is that the Andes experiences a similar dry season, meaning you can split your time between a beach retreat and crisp hike in the picturesque Andes! A rule of thumb is that the temperature differs by around 6 degrees celsius for every 1000 meters of altitude.

Further, while Savanna in the Eastern portion of the country experiences a hot and very dry climate, this is the best time to take a wildlife safari as animals tend to congregate more readily around the few water sources. In comparison, the Amazon rainforest tends to be the wettest during what the rest of the country experiences drier weather. This however, does not mean that the Amazon’s ‘wet season’ necessarily prohibits travel, and that’s the beauty of Colombia. There is no hard wet or dry season, just wetter or drier. 

This being said, Colombia is a big country and there is no shortage of accommodation. And because of Colombia’s lack of seasonal climate, the country will always be busy, so luckily, you can book whenever you may please!

Is December a good time to go to Colombia?

December is the time in Colombia where people shut out from work and school and spend more time out with friends, family or just going shopping in preparation for Christmas. This is a great time to make local friends and there are many events in the winter that will allow you to do so. Christmas is a given, but there are carnivals in many cities, most notably the Grand Carnival in Barranquilla begins in late January through to February! This is comparable to the Carnival in Brazil, and goes on for days! 

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