Colombia With Kids

It may seem unexpected to travel to Colombia with a child. But, traveling to Colombia with a child is quite popular, practical, and safe. Colombians are family centered, and they will always welcome children with open arms. 

The major cities in Colombia all have activities and opportunities for children to play and learn. From the seaside of Cartagena to the concrete jungles of Medellin and Bogota, you can find activities that the kids will love. 

Is Colombia Safe with Kids?

Ever since the 90’s Colombia has been known to be a very rough and even a violent country. All of that has most successfully been turned around. Now, traveling to Colombia with a child is just as safe as traveling to any other country or city with kids. It is always a good idea to practice common safety habits and precautions, such as no wandering around alone at night or not entering any known/official vehicles. Applying these same concepts with children will help keep your family safe while having fun. If you’re worried about the logistics of getting around with your children, it is recommended to hire a guide, or join guided tours. This way someone else can focus on the navigation while you easily attend to your children. 

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Are Car Seats Required in Colombia?

Information regarding this topic can be quite confusing and you may receive mixed information depending on who you ask. According to the Republic of Colombia Seat Belt Legislation, children under 10 years old may not sit in the front seat, and shall use a seat belt at all times. All children 2 years of age or under are required to be seated in the back, and in a seat that restrains them appropriately. This legislation is quite brief, and the reality is that local Colombians are laxed with car seats when it comes to their children. We would recommend that while traveling, children (at least) 10 years of age or under, be in a car seat. Because, if anything were to happen, the incident would be covered by insurance. We recommend speaking to your insurance company if you are not sure what would be covered, and what would not. 

Colombia With Kids

Traveling with Kids in Bogota

Colombia’s capital city, Bogota, has activities from museums to sampling tasty treats that kids of all ages will enjoy. The famous Museo del Oro is a great place where kids can marvel at all of the shiny treasure discovered in Colombia throughout the years, it will be a fun way for them to learn about some Colombian history with the interactive exhibits featured in the museum. Venture up to Montserrate, where you can ride a cable car to the top (to avoid some complaints or exhaustion) and see the best view of Bogota, you and your family will feel on top of the world! For young children, Bogota has a Children’s Museum, north of Simon Bolivar Park, with interactive exhibits and activities to keep the little ones entertained. If your children aren’t picky eaters, head to Paloquemao where you can go on a food tour and sample some great Colombian cuisine. However, if your children are picky eaters, then you can wander the stalls and try some fresh fruits and small snacks that the kids will love. On Sundays, many main roads and highways close for Ciclovia, where people can bike, rollerblade, and walk all along main roads. Taking the kids for a bike ride will surely be a fun way to see the city!

Traveling with Kids in Medellin

Medellin is probably one of the best cities in Colombia for kids! With the recent innovations and constructions of beneficial urban development, it feels like the activities are endless, and will keep your little ones entertained throughout your stay in Medellin. The first, and most obvious is Parque Explora, a fantastic science museum that is so much more! There are play areas, such as, an aquarium, a learning center, a small park, and even a small zoo. This multifaceted museum teaches kids all about Colombia’s ecology and wildlife with hands-on exhibits, 3D interactions, and animals galore. And when you’re finished you can hop on over the Botanical Gardens next door to relax after a fun filled day! If you’re ready to be outdoors, head to Parque Arvi, where you can take a cable over some of the city’s barrios (neighborhoods) and explore some of Colombia’s nearby wilderness areas. With lakes, hiking trails, and even a few small markets. Just the cable car ride will get the kids excited before they explore the best of Colombia’s nature. You can also check out the Water Museum which is also a part of the Barefoot Park. This museum is all about water and why it is so important to our Earth and to humans. The interactive exhibits are impressive and fun for children to adults, and most importantly, educational! 

Traveling with Kids in Cartagena

Cartagena is a great place to travel to Colombia with kids. This is partly due to the wonderful beaches where you and the whole family can relax and frolic in the ocean, enjoy building sandcastles, and take a dip in the relaxing waters. You can find many beaches where the waves aren’t so strong, which makes it perfect for kids both young and old. Visit the Museo del Cacao where you and your kids can learn all about delicious chocolate! From how it’s made to fun facts about which country consumes the most chocolate per year, kids will love spending the afternoon learning about their favorite sweet treat! If you’re kids love drawing or art, they may be interested in checking out all of the street art that you can find in Cartagena. From the old town to the surrounding barrios (neighborhoods), you can easily spend the day finding every little masterpiece in Cartagena! 

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