Colombia in April

Colombia weather in April

Avg. temperature: 20.1°C / 68.2°FSun: 88 hrs per month
Rain: 135 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 77%

Visiting Colombia in April

April is the perfect month to visit Colombia. Its position close to the equator means that the weather is not defined by season, but more by topography. It’s not called the country of eternal spring for no reason! Medellin enjoys spring temperatures all year round while Bogota can be a bit chillier. With this in mind, it is worth noting that the Caribbean coast is always hot and humid and will be the perfect temperature to cozy up at the beach for hours and hours! 

During this month, the Amazon region will experience a high water period. This means the levels of the Amazon River may go up dramatically, which may create unpredictable changes to paths and wildlife watching generally is not the best as animals are on the move to higher ground and will generally stay hidden. Taking this into consideration, the great thing is that Colombia is massive, and has many varieties of natural wonders that are completely accessible and open for enjoyment all year. 

Things to do in Colombia in April

Springtime Serenity

If you’re looking for a mild climate with an urban experience and lots of springtime activity, Medellin and its surroundings is just the place. Its famous metrocable transport system will give you wonderful views of this extraordinary city and will lead you to the Arvi Park, with its beautiful trails and great picnic opportunities. The Joaquin Antonio Uribe Botanical Garden is in full bloom as it offers its beautiful sights and smells to tantalize your senses. Take a small trip to Guatape where you can experience traditional village life in Colombia and hike the El Penol rock to see the views of the beautiful Colombian countryside. 

Pick Me Up

To get a true Southern Colombia experience, head down to the Coffee Country for a quick coffee break in the city of Manizales in the foothills of the countryside. You have the great choice of getting low cost accommodation in one of the many hotels, or you can wake up to your favorite smell at a working coffee farm. Manizales is well connected to the rest of the surrounding countryside with the town of Salento nearby to offer you hikes and its famous wax palms in full bloom in April. Not only are the activities sure to keep you up, the coffee will too!

Musical Magnificence 

In the warm Northeast in the country, you can experience something unique off the beaten track. Valledupar, Colombia is a city coming out from the shadows of obscurity to show its blossoming beauty, rivers flowing through, and best of all, its music festival. 

The Fiesta Leyends Vallenta began in 1968 as a multi-day vallenato festival. Vallenato is a style of folk music native to the area that combines the Spanish Colonial inflections with the heavy Carribean influence, with a beautiful touch of the indigenous culture. A four-day party with heavy crowds in Plaza Alfonso Lopez to celebrate, dance, drink and pay homage to the vibrant culture Valledupar has to offer. 

Hotels in Colombia in April

April in Colombia is what is considered the shoulder season to travel. This means that you have the advantage of avoiding huge influxes of tourists. This also means that you can avoid high prices in the tourism sector, and even airfare! You can best take advantage of this by visiting the Carribean coast, which can be crowded during peak season. The rest of the country is docile during this time with everything still being open for tourism. 

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