Colombia in June

Colombia weather in June

Avg. temperature: 19.2°C / 66.6°FSun: 94 hrs per month
Rain: 54 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 75%

Visiting Colombia in June

June is the advent of the summer travel season, and with this comes the tourist rush. Where better to spend this summer season than Colombia? Deserts, tropical beaches, savanna, rainforests, this country is completely packed with activities, and opportunities to just sit back and relax! Although the weather does not change for most of the year, the climate of Colombia depends almost entirely on the altitude and topography of the location that you visit. 

If you are not very keen on going to a crowded beach or completely filled up city plazas, don’t fret! Colombia is a very large country with a diverse population and dynamic culture. There is something for everybody and there is always space to breathe. 

Things to do in Colombia in June

Spring Escape

The heat in Colombia’s Caribbean coast can become quite oppressive on some days. If you want to skip the bikini tan and dress comfortably with a milder climate, go to the City of Eternal Spring — Medellin! This city has had a colourful past, but the air of young optimism, historical significance and the springtime climate brings people from all over to this location. 

Take the famous metrocable to take in the beautiful views of the city for a very low cost. At the end of the line, you will reach the famous Arvi Park. Here you can stroll through the forested wonderland, take a few snapshots of the city, or have a relaxing picnic. To see the city’s eternal spring in full force, go to the Joaquin Antonio Uriba Botanical Park to view the local flora and fauna. Medellin is filled with restaurants, tree-lined parks and great shopping opportunities for a low budget. During June, is the International Tango Festival in Medellin. This host city comes alive with live performances, forums and artistic candor. 

Candascent Cali

Santiago de Cali — the name of this city alone will have you thinking of shaking your hips and dancing the night away! Cali is considered the capital of Salsa. The many clubs and bars that line the streets of this energetic city brings together people from all over the world for a night (or multiple) of parties, drink and delicious food. If nightlife is not your thing, Cali offers beautiful excursions like the savanna, where the drying water sources during the dry season brings out the wildlife and makes for great animal sighting by the watering holes. After a night of partying, or just for a little detour, visit the beautiful colonial city of Popayan for a history fix and a local experience. Its signature white washed buildings, open plazas and the bridges will take you to the likes of Europe, without that annoying long flight to Spain. 

Rest and Relaxation

To get to the beach without fighting through crowds, Santa Marta will be your haven. Colombia’s oldest city and the first Spanish settlement in South America boasts beautiful beaches without the hustle and bustle, beautiful promenades at the Corniche, and a great street-vending culture. What Santa Marta is best known for is its lost city in the Tayrona National Park. Take an overnight rustic rest at the national park by renting a hammock or tent and revel in the beauty of Colombia’s nature. 

Hotels in Colombia in June

As June is the advent of the peak season, airfares and hotel prices are to be more expensive than other times of the year. Make sure to inquire with hotels, particularly in Cartagena, about minimum night stays. The good thing is that there is no real price hike in tourist attraction admissions and national parks. All of this being said, Colombia is a cheaper country than most of the other Caribbean countries, and these price increases are not drastic. 

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