Colombia in March

Weather in Colombia in March

Avg. temperature: 26.6°C / 79.9°FSun: 88 hrs per month
Rain: 91 mm per monthAvg. humidity: 75%

Visiting Colombia in March

It’s Spring Break and you really want to take a mid-year escape, and you can’t decide where to hole up by the sea or explore a new country. Whether you want to take a beachside vacation or an urban experience, Colombia is the place for you! 

A Piece of Piety

Colombia in March is an interesting time to visit. As much as there is partying, salsa, dancing and fun, Colombia is a country with conservative values. The ‘Semana Santa’, or Holy Week, is a huge event in all corners of the country. There are grand processions and a lot of iconography and celebration, it can be a surreal, interesting, and fun experience! 

To find the best place to experience the Holy Week, visit Popayan in the South of the country. Popayan is an example of Spanish Colonial heritage. The plazas are rivalled to European cities, and the whitewashed buildings employ massive European influences. During the Holy Week, those plazas will be covered in ornaments and the cobbled streets are filled with followers observing and celebrating the week from Good Friday to Easter Sunday. 

Musical Pilgrimage

Close to Bogota, is the town of Villa de Levya. It is another example of Spanish Colonial history and during the Holy Week, hosts a huge music festival with discussions about traditional and colonial music. You can enjoy the lively music of different parts of Colombia, or you can listen to the ancient music from the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. 

Bangin’ Barranquilla 

Barranquilla is famous for its carnival season! Which bleeds into early March before Ash Wednesday. Barranquilla boasts the largest carnival outside of Brazil. It is a celebration of dance, fare and fun! The streets are lined with flowers, colors, and ornamentation. Be sure to bring your cha-cha heels as you will definitely be breaking some moves or two with in upbeat and vibrat musical celebration! 

Hotels in Colombia in March

The majority of March is clear of the peak season in Colombia, so expect lower fares, hotel fees and the absence of minimum night stays. One thing that it worth noting is that the Holy Week is the time when locals tend to be more of the tourists than foreigners would be. People close up shop and travel with their families to the hotspots during this time and will be vacationing and for the most part in the same situation as yourself. It is suggested that you book your reservations in advance. 

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