Colombia in July

Colombia weather in July

Avg. temperature: 25.0°C / 77.0°FSun: 114 hours per month
Rain: 35 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 74%

Visiting Colombia in July

It’s summertime and you’re deciding on where you want to go. You would like to be a beach bum, scuba dive, but at the same time you want to go on a bit of an Amazon expedition and a climb in the mountains! You notice that Colombia checks all these boxes, and for a good reason. 

The great thing about Colombia in July is that the weather is not unstable and you are able to access all parts of the country without any problems. This is due to the fact that the weather is not dictated by seasons rather than altitude and topography. For example, Bogota tends to be milder than the Caribbean all year round because of its location in the Andes. This being said, the entire country will tend to be in a better equilibrium in warmth, meaning you can definitely bring your shades to all corners of Colombia! 

Things to do in Colombia in July

Boomin’ Bogota

If you are mainly wanting to experience a milder climate to escape the heat at home, you will definitely be pleasantly surprised by the country’s capital, Bogota. Located in the Andes Mountains, this historical capital will stay at a temperature comfortable enough to not have to bring a coat and at the same time, a sweatband. Bogota is a dynamic city with many sights to see. Take a gander at the glitz and glam of the Gold Museum, home to the largest collection of South American gold artifacts in the world. Or you can take in the beautiful view of the city by taking a cable car up to the Cerro Monserrate, close to the beautiful La Candelaria Colonial district. 

Beautiful Beasts

A path less traveled by in Colombia is the Pacific Coast, this is mostly uninhabited land filled with protected ecosystems and vast biodiversity. If you happen to be in Colombia in July, you can take advantage of a hidden gem that happens only during this month — Whale watching! Every year, these wondrous creatures swim up from Antarctica in search of warmer waters to procreate. This is a rare occurrence anywhere else in the world. 

The easiest way to get to this hidden place is to drive from Cali the town of Buenaventura and then reach any of the common beaches by boat (Malaga Bay, Gorgona). These boat rides may take some time, but the sightseeing opportunities on the way are endless. 

Amazin’ Amazon

Another nice option is that Amazon reaches its best time in July. This is when the river waters lower and the weather is a lot drier. This creates predictability in tours and accessibility in the region. The possibilities are endless. The low water season is when you are able to see the wonders of this impenetrable forest and with the decreased water levels, comes better wildlife watching opportunities. 

Hotels in Colombia in July

While all the exploration and sightseeing and great weather will have you packing your bags already, there is one thing. July is the peak month of tourism in Colombia, as with anywhere else in the world. Everybody is having their summer vacation and are clamoring to go anywhere they can on this planet. While prices may be high and there are minimum night stays, don’t fret. Colombia is a huge country and has many different places for different tastes. While Cartagena may be crowded, try to travel east on the coast to cities like Santa Marta or towns like Palomino with equally great beach opportunities and leeway to travel. 

Further, Bogota, Medellin and Cali are great places to spend your summer in as they are well connected, milder in climate and are so big that you will not have much of an issue to book a stay and pay high prices at all!

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