Colombia in November

Colombia weather in November

Avg. temperature: 19.6°C / 67.3°FSun: 103 hrs per month
Rain: 127 mm per monthAvg. humidity: 77%

Visiting Colombia in November

November is an interesting month in Colombia for travelers. The tourist crowd that once filled the beaches during the summer and fall months have completely disappeared and will not return until the Christmas season. This creates the perfect environment to cavort up and down the country without any worries or limitations. Due to the country’s location close to the equator, the season-less climate of Colombia provides the perfect atmosphere to vacation any time. The climate of Colombia depends on the topography and altitude of wherever you choose to visit. This means what is warmer in the Caribbean would be significantly cooler in Bogota. This country is your oyster in November. 

Things to do in Colombia in November

Curious Cali

Santiago de Cali is the place you can put on your dancing shoes and salsa the night (or nights) away. This energetic and young southwestern city is the famous capital of Salsa music. With the beautiful mixes of Spanish, Indigenous and Caribbean influences, the streets fill up with the rhythm and spice of this unique and widely loved genre of music. You will encounter many life performances, live forums with artists and many small festivals. If you want to skip the dancing, you will be surprised to find that there are many parks and recreation areas to explore in this city. The Plaza de Cayzedo is the main square, and the heart of the city. You can experience the unique street-vending culture and indulge on some street snack like Cholado (a cup of mixed fruit with condensed milk). Live the Bohemian lifestyle by kicking back at the Barrio San Antonio. This neighborhood is great for visiting theatres, cafes and historical buildings. 

Independence in Cartagena

November 11, 1811 was the day when Cartagena became the first city in Colombia to gain independence from the Spanish Colonial powers. The first two weeks of November are billowing  with parties, light shows, street parties, pageants, and parades! Most notable about the Independence Day extravaganza is the beauty pageants that they hold. This national event is held with the intention of uniting the country with the world renowned beauty of Colombian women. Contestants from the Amazon to Cali to Venezuelan border regions come to compete and show their elaborate costumes and show off their talents to gain exposure nationally and win prizes. While this is all happening, you can take trips around the region to sleepier beach towns like Santa Marta, where you can experience the surf and sun and the mostly empty beaches during this slow month! 

Glorious Guatape

Not far from Medellin is the colour capital of Colombia — Guatape! Climb El Penol for an amazing view of the beautiful dotted islands on this massive expanse of water that was ejected into the landscape after an industrial flood in the 1970s. If you’re not into a hike, don’t worry. It does not take much walking to see how colourful and absolutely wondrous the streets of this village is. Enjoy a rich coffee in the Plaza de Zocalos, have some empanadas by the main square. In Guatape, you will experience Colombia at its finest with locals wearing traditional clothes like ponchos and indigenous garb, adding more to the colour of this already bursting town! 

Hotels in Colombia in November

November is a prime season to get good deals on flights and accommodation because time between both summer and winter peak seasons are devoid of tourists as well as domestic travelers not taking work off in this month. You can obtain up to 30 percent lower prices in accommodations, scan the choices occasionally, and book whenever you please! 

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