Colombia in May

Colombia weather in May

Avg. temperature: 19.0°C / 66.2.2°FSun: 83 hrs per month
Rain: 120 mm per monthAvg. Humidity: 77%

Visiting Colombia in May

As springtime comes to a close and summer is in the air, you also think of vacations, but you wince at the thought of crowds. May in Colombia is a prime month to solve this conundrum. Its close position to the equator means that you won’t experience the last of the last chance spring showers, and nothing is really defined by season here! Only by altitude and topography. The Caribbean coast is always hot and humid, and Bogota will have a bit of a crisp mildness high up in the Andes. 

May in Colombia is a unique time to visit because although summer begins in May, the entire month tends to experience a low season. Whether you want to step out to the beach every morning or take a savanna excursion, Colombia in this month can offer the best of leisure and curiosity for everyone!

Things to do in Colombia in May

Cosmopolitan Cartagena

Declared a UNESCO world heritage site, Cartagena boasts one of the best preserved examples of Spanish Colonial architecture in Latin America. Spread beautifully along the Caribbean coast, this old but vibrant city has the perfect mix of old town charm with its fortified Old City District, as well as the eccentric young energy with Salsa music filling the streets creating this city to the likes of New Orleans! Its prime location allows a beautiful mix of Caribbean, Indigenous and European cultures to truly shine in its unique local cuisine. If you want a more modern and hip beach vacation, a short walk out of the Old City, is the Bocagrande Harbor. This ode to Copacabana was once a symbol of easy modern Colombian life during the 1950s, but now has become a chic tourist spot for beachgoers and glamour geeks alike! Cartagena has something for everyone, and May is the best time to experience Summer in this city as it is not strapped tight with tourists during this time! 

Beach Blanket Bingo

Want a more rustic experience of the Colombian Caribbean? Just take a short trip out of Cartagena! Palomino and Cabo de La Vela are the perfect beach village for you to just lay back and bask in the sun, or to revel in the many ocean activities without seeing so much of the urban expanse. Palomino is known for its beautiful beaches and its great offshore surfing opportunities. Cabo de La Vela is geographically positioned to create a prime location for windsurfing. If you’re interested in what’s under these villages, you can obtain a scuba license and admire the beautiful ecosystems in the deep blue. If you’re of the more relaxed bunch, put out a towel, get a cocktail and just lay back in the sun and marvel at the beauty of the Caribbean.

Spectacular Savanna

Santiago de Cali is situated in the southwest of the country, where the Pacific isn’t too far away and is the frontier land of a very unique geographical location — The Savanna. Yes, if you want to view some of the wildlife of the grasslands, but can’t be bothered for the long trip to Kenya, or Tanzania, Colombia is the perfect place to take a tour around the landscapes, watch the animals gather around water sources and gallop through the plains, all for a small cost! 

Hotels in Colombia in May

May is a unique month of the year in Colombia. Although summer begins, there are no major holidays in Colombia and the summer tourist rush has not started yet. Luckily for you, this means you can expect low hotel prices, no minimum night stays and lower airfare. This is especially true for Cartagena, which can be oppressively crowded during the summer rush. Peak season doesn’t begin until early to mid-June, so book whenever you please! 

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