Colombia in October

Colombia weather in October

Avg. temperature: 20°C (high)/ 11°C (low)Sun: 4 (sunshine Hrs- more including daylight)
Rain: 159mmAvg. humidity: 74%

Visiting Colombia in October

Due to Colombia’s tropical climate, it is a country you can visit year round. Colombia has two seasons: the wet season and the dry season, although depending on your location in Colombia, you are able to dodge the rains and enjoy more sunshine. The dry seasons normally fall in December through March, making other times of the year more rainy. The only region to be wary of the Pacific region, and it receives rain year round and seems to always be wet. 

Visiting Colombia in October usually means travelling during the wet season. The rain that occurs during the ‘rainy season’ does not occur often enough to discourage traveling. The average temperatures make for a cooler stroll through cities, which increase your ability to cover more ground. And, if you travel towards the end of October, you will experience less rain, and more of the parties and holidays that occur. Due to this being a kind of lower season than the peak (December-March), flights are usually a little less expensive, and you can find a few deals when booking accommodation. At first thought, many wouldn’t think to venture to Colombia in October, but they just don’t know what they’re missing. 

Things to do in Colombia in October

Due to the frequent rain, this is the perfect time to explore Colombia’s many museums, restaurants, and nightlife! Depending on which city you’re in, you’re bound to find many spaces that provide some cultural insight to Colombia’s past and present. Once the storm passes (which it will) you can head outside and enjoy a cool stroll around the city, one thing’s for sure, you won’t get too hot! While street vendors selling arepas and all kinds of goodies are always enjoyable, now is the chance to really sit down, relax and enjoy an authentic Colombia meal. No matter which city you find yourself in, Colombia boasts a fantastic food experience, from classic dishes to international comfort food, you’ll never be disappointed. Don’t forget your salsa shoes! This is the perfect time to be in Colombia if you want to focus on your salsa, you can take lessons and bring your newfound knowledge to one of the many salsa clubs to dance the night away! As there is no ‘salsa season’ it is the perfect activity year round! 

If you don’t want to spend all of your time in the city, then head to the Amazonian region of Colombia, where the rain is a little less abundant, but the rainforest is as beautiful as ever. This is the perfect time to visit the nature reserves, go for a hike, and explore the amazon! The small town of Leticia is a great place to check out, as it is a beautiful amazonian town surrounded with wildlife…and two other countries!

While there aren’t many holidays in Colombia in October, Colombians do celebrate a little bit of Halloween, bridging to All Saints Day on the first of November. Children do not usually trick or treat on Halloween, but there are many costume parties and events at local clubs and discotheques. As All Saints Day is the day after Halloween, many people will take off a day or two to celebrate these autumnal holidays. 

Hotels in Colombia in October

If you are visiting Colombia in October, you can take advantage of some low season perks! Due to the more rainy, and considered ‘low’ season, flights to Colombia are a lot cheaper than they would be during the high season. This also means more availability in popular hotels, resorts, and places to rent. More availability, as well as lower prices, if you get lucky! Traveling to Colombia in October, is an understated pleasure!

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